Want to Make the Most Out of Your AI Model? Get Subul on the Job

  • Dataset Collection

    Want relevant, licensible and bias-free dataset? Are you looking for a custom ML Dataset? Or do you want to expand the existing dataset? No matter the situation, Subul has a professional human resource to help you. Hundreds of experts from different fields and industries, including medical and biotechnology, engineering, designing, architecture, manufacturing, industrial, education, retail, eCommerce, finance, and more! This diversity in skills helped us get access to a multitude of dataset resources.

    We offer a 3-way dataset collection that comprises Online Resources, Direct Resources and Dataset Localization.

  • Dataset Annotation

    Looking to automate your application? Do you want to improve your algorithm's performance to get accurate predictions? If so, Subul may have the right answer. Be it Image Annotation, Image Segmentation or Video Annotation, we have your covered! Thanks to our professional workforce from many different fields, we have got experience in a wide range of dataset annotation platforms.

    Train your machine with state-of-the art tools and proven techniques.

  • Dataset Validation

    Want to have an unbiased estimate of your AI model’s skill? Contact Subul! For optimal results, the validation dataset is locked away until the learning is complete. However, training an AI model requires experience and skills to make sure it’s completely ready for validation.

    Subul offers Dataset validation that can be divided into training and validation if the AI isn’t ready yet.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Software models need consistent improvement and upgrades. Make sure yours is up to the mark. Subul offers unmatched Dataset collection, Annotation, and Validation, making sure your AI model reaches that pin-point accuracy it requires.

AI Industries

At Subul we offer our AI services for wide range of industries

MedTech and Biotech


Architecture and Interiors

Roads and bridges

Retails and e-Commerce

Inventory Tracking
Shelf Monitoring

Food and Agriculture

Precise farming
Weed detection
Plant counting
Food analysis

Industrials and Automobile

Self Driving cars
Traffic Monitoring


Satellite imagery
Infrared imagery
Natural disasters

Trusted Annotation Platforms

Our workforce has experience in multiple types of annotation platforms, however, we are happy to use your own platform as well.