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After years of dedicated work in outsourcing, we have identified highly talented individuals from conflict-affected communities who face numerous barriers to traditional employment opportunities. In response, Subul has launched the Impact Hiring service as a bridge to connect these exceptional individuals with international businesses seeking diverse remote talent. Through impact hiring, we aren't just filling positions – we are creating opportunities that drive positive change.




Our Hiring Process

Our adaptable approach caters to diverse roles, ensuring an efficient yet comprehensive process. While some positions demand swiftness, technical roles may involve more intricate steps. In all cases, we deliver results promptly and effectively, following these stages:

Screening & Matching

Leveraging our talent pool on Subul platform, we identify the top talent that precisely matches your requirements.


We streamline the negotiation and contracting processes, providing a smooth recruitment experience for both talents and employers.


We work closely with your team to grasp your business needs, values, and job specifications to align our process with your goals

Vetting & Validation

We do background checks and skill assessments to verify the qualifications of selected candidates, ensuring they meet high standards.


We facilitate seamless integration of new hires into your team, with thorough follow-up for a successful match.

Why Choose Our Impact Hiring Service?

Diverse Talent Pool

Gain access to a wide-ranging talent pool representing various industries, ensuring a perfect match for your team.

Social Impact

Fulfill your corporate social responsibility as all our exceptional talents originate from disadvantaged and conflict-affected communities, aligning with sustainable development goals.


We offer complete transparency, providing access to scoring, filtering, and the entire hiring process. This fosters trust through open communication with our clients.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment doesn't end at placement. Regular check-ins and updates ensure both clients and candidates thrive in their roles.

All-in-one solution

Our service covers every aspect from talent acquisition to seamless onboarding, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both talents and employers.

Ready to make a difference while growing your team?

Don't miss the opportunity to find exceptional remote talent and make a positive impact in the world. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive. Let's redefine success, one hire at a time.

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