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Championing to work

Championing the right to work

Access to adequate work is a human right. However, it is far from a reality for many people that come from refugee and disadvantaged communities. Too many foreign organisations respond to the refugee unemployment crisis with unsustainable patches of temporary aid. At Subul, we target the unemployment problem at its root, by connecting refugees and disadvantaged people with employers. This empowers skilled workers to earn a fair income despite being deprived of local opportunity due to a conflict that is outside of their control. We believe in long-term, grassroot solutions that empower refugees to use their skills and forge a career.

Subul has paved the way for hundreds of refugee freelancers located in the middle east, Turkey and Europe to make a living.

Subul understands that work opportunities for refugees and disadvantaged people are woefully limited. Language barriers, obstacles in online money transfer and other legal issues restrict them to the point of stagnancy. We have created a new pathway to address this issue- building a greater, more hopeful future by creating access to work opportunities.

Subul is a gateway to a sea of opportunities for both business and tech professionals. With the right skillset, niche-related expertise, education, and Subul's professional supervision, refugees and conflict affected people can build a springboard to launch themselves out of economic deprivation.

Socially conscious businesses can access our skilled, reliable workforce. Let us prove the quality of our work. As you grow, you’ll be directly positively influencing the lives of deserving people for the better.

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