Our Impact

Creating new pathways to the future of work for refugees and conflict affected people

Championing the right to work

Access to viable work is a human right, but it is far from a reality for many refugee and disadvantaged communities. Too many foreign actors respond to the refugee unemployment crisis with unsustainable patches and temporary aid. At Subul, we choose to target the unemployment problem at its roots by connecting refugees and disadvantaged people with employers, allowing them to earn an income from wherever they may be. We believe in long-term, grassroots solutions that empower refugees to use their skills and forge their career paths.

Subul has paved the way for hundreds of refugee freelancers located in the middle east, Turkey, Europe, and elsewhere to make a living.

Subul understands that work opportunities for refugees and disadvantaged people are very limited. Language barriers, obstacles in online money transfer and other legal issues restrict them. Addressing these issues, we have created a new pathway, giving them the access to work opportunities for a better future ahead.

Socially conscious businesses are welcome! They can have access to the skilled workforce.

Subul serves as a gateway to a sea of opportunities for both businesses and service providers. With the right skillset, niche-related expertise, right education, and Subul's professional supervision, refugees and conflict affected people can cash in big time.

On the other hand, businesses can reap the benefits of outsourcing, with a reliable, efficient and cost-effective workforce.

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Roia Foundation

Subul is one of the successful fruits of the Roia Foundation, an independent nonprofit organization founded in 2012 with a vision to empower societies through ICT. Roia Specialized in information and communication technology (ICT), Roia provides refugees, disadvantaged communities, and humanitarian organizations with technical solutions to increase their efficiency and overcome difficulties which impede their operation.

Want to learn more about Roia and support its mission? Visit our website Roia.org

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