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Theory of Change

Bridging the Opportunity Gap

Subul's Theory of Change focuses on building a sustainable tech ecosystem for refugees and disadvantaged communities. We identify the talent gap in the global tech market and bridge it with the untapped potential of these groups. Our strategy encompasses skill development, aligning these newfound skills with market demands, and promoting inclusive employment practices. We provide continuous support, ensuring long-term professional growth. Our goal is to transform the tech industry into a space of equal opportunity, where every individual has the chance to prosper and contribute meaningfully.

Championing to work

Future of Work

Pioneering Inclusive Growth

The future of work lies in inclusivity and empowerment. At Subul, we're shaping this future by integrating refugees and disadvantaged communities into the global digital economy. Our mission aligns with the evolving landscape of remote and digital work, where geographical and social barriers dissolve, offering equal opportunities for all. We're not just envisioning a future where diverse talents thrive; we're actively creating it. By harnessing the potential of untapped talent pools, we provide businesses with innovative solutions while championing social responsibility.

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Empower your business and make a lasting difference.

Partner with Subul for your tech needs and be a catalyst in creating equitable opportunities. Contact us to start a journey of impactful growth.

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Women Empowerment

Advancing Women in the Tech Industry

Women and girls, disproportionately affected by conflict and disasters, face amplified inequalities, particularly in the male-dominated tech industry. At Subul, we recognize the transformative power of ICT as a tool for education, empowerment, and economic independence for women. We're committed to dismantling gender biases and opening doors for women in tech. Our approach includes equal access to opportunities within Subul and beyond, through targeted skills development and employment initiatives. We're not just advocating for women in tech; we're actively shaping an inclusive industry where women's contributions are valued and their potential fully realized.


Our Commitment to ESG

Pioneering Sustainable Impact

At Subul, our ESG plan reflects our dedication to ethical practices, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability, aligning with our mission to create a more equitable world.



Subul champions eco-friendly operations. We minimize our carbon footprint through energy-efficient practices and promote remote working, aligning our business with environmental stewardship.



We're committed to social upliftment by providing equal employment opportunities, focusing on empowering refugees and women in tech, and actively engaging in community development initiatives.



Subul upholds the highest standards of transparency and ethics. We engage in responsible decision-making and maintain open communication with all stakeholders, ensuring accountability in every action.

Mission Partners

We work with dedicated partners who help us serve you and the disadvantaged communities. Subul could not exist without the support of these partners who want to create a sustainable change for disenfranchised people.

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Hear Their Voices

Real Stories, Real Impact

Discover the transformative journey of our talents through their own words. Here we showcase authentic testimonials from individuals who have found hope, opportunity, and growth with Subul.